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Analytics takes you beyond BI. It is an end-to-end process that starts with framing a business problem that needs answers, then uses data, analytical models and specialist tools and technology to generate insights that can be deployed across the business.

We use analytics to enable data-driven decisions as a journey which has two main components:

  • Identify the business problem to understand key influencing factors and select possible mathematical approaches and algorithms that, combined with business context information, reveal patterns and extract insights from data.
  • Apply a combination of mathematical computations and data visualisation in response to questions and hypotheses using clearly defined data elements.

With the proliferation of data in an increasingly complex and competitive world, organisations continue to look for ways to obtain real value from their data. Our analytics solutions combine the best of data visualisation, collaborative BI, mobile BI and predictive analysis to deliver clarity of vision and sharpness of insight into the most complex of business problems.

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