We view our clients and partners as a single community in which we work, not as separate entities.

Our data warehouse for the call centre of a telecoms giant combined telephony and operator HR information into a single platform from which advanced analytics revealed the quality of the customer journey. Previously, only disparate pieces of information could be identified such as when the customer called and the number of call transfers they experienced which made it difficult to gain a complete overview of the full customer experience, the interaction that took place and how they were treated. Our solution provided a single version of the truth that allowed the client to get meaningful insight from their customer contact data and address internal issues that were contributing to declining customer satisfaction.

Managed self-service business intelligence from Microsoft empowers users of all levels to access and integrate data from virtually any source, create compelling reports and analytical applications, visualise and interact with data and collaborate and share insights.

We have used Microsoft SQL Server as the data platform in many of our solutions because of its feature rich capability, competitive price point and wide adoption.

Our client wanted to embark on a BI initiative but needed the confidence that the investment would deliver real value to the business. Using a subset of sales data we delivered a proof of concept that modelled the data into a simple data mart and then used it as the source for the visual presentation of the data back to the business users. This gave them the opportunity to really interact with their data for the first time and in doing so they discovered a correlation between specific sales activity and customer retention. By using this sales activity as a model for other areas, they identified additional revenue potential of over £800k.

Tableau makes it easy for people to rapidly transform data into smart business analytics. Their business analytics software supports people’s natural ability to think visually and simplifies the way data is explored & communicated.

We have used Tableau in our solutions to quickly surface and visualise data as we’ve developed a data warehouse. It’s a really easy way to get data into the hands of business users early on in a format that is understandable and allows them to explore different possibilities and scenarios.

Our client knew they needed to take control of information management if they wanted to use data to make the right commercial decisions. Their vision was to have information that was timely, trusted and traceable. We worked as their business partner to analyse their information needs and deliver a scalable data warehouse to meet these whilst at the same time, putting the necessary governance in place. The credibility of the data within the business has improved significantly as a result and with a solid information foundation underpinning the business, our client expects to improve their service model, identify more clients and drive more sales.

Leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 revolution, Panorama Software offers a new generation of BI solutions that introduce a unique way to connect data, insights and people in an organisation. Panorama Necto™ is the first BI solution that leverages social decision making and automated insights to enable users to gain insight more quickly, efficiently and with greater relevance.

We have used Panorama Necto to demonstrate to clients that BI can and should be cross-enterprise, rather than existing in isolated siloes.

XLCubed’s software helps customers maximize their ROI on the Microsoft business intelligence stack. Powerful analytics with sophisticated ranking and filtering, business effective data visualisation, and fine-grain control over report layout helps turn Excel into a leading business intelligence client tool, retaining Excel’s flexibility while removing the risks and pain of maintenance. Widespread deployment of reports and dashboards is easily achieved by publishing dynamic data connected reports to XLCubed Web, with access from any browser and our mobile apps.